S2E5 Darcy Gunter

November 29th, 2018

We had a great time talking with Darcy.  She was our first phone interview, and it worked really well so we will try to get more interviews from people who aren't in our local area.  We learned so much about starting a non-profit and how the transitions went for Darcy and her husband.  They are doing great things in Georgia, and I am sure you are all going to be inspired to help in your community in some way.

If you want to get in contact with Darcy's ministry or keep up with them on social media... click below.






Our Extraordinary Things:

Darcy is loving her phone and finally embracing the awesomeness of having a calendar on her phone.

Jenn and Amanda have loved a little longer fall than usual in South Dakota.  


What we are reading:

Little House on the Prairie - The Long Winter

Francis Chan - Crazy Love

Francis Chan - Letters to the Church

Yada Yada Prayer Circle

Annie F. Downs - Remember God

The Book Thief

Playing With Fire



Get in touch:

Darcy's Email: darcy@livingbridgesministry.org

Our Email:  extraordinarygodpodcast@gmail.com  

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